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Nature’s Gold – Free on Amazon Kindle

Nature's Gold Kindle coverMy poetry book, Nature’s Gold is free on Amazon Kindle today 24 May until Monday 26 May 2014. I’ve copied a sample poem below, but there are many different types of poem covering a variety of subjects.

If you want to pick up your copy you can do so here. It’s probably not a good idea to download onto a phone sized screen as the poems won’t format well, but it should be ok on an ipad mini size or bigger. I’m looking for people to write honest reviews and would send a hard copy of the book to anyone prepared to do so. The paperback book is £5 from Amazon or Lulu.

If you’d like me to come and read my poems to your group please contact me. I love poetry. I also have some children’s poems, not yet published, which I’d be happy to share.

Spinning Earth

The backlit sky was pink and gold,
and silhouettes of trees stood proud,
like guards protecting Earth’s treasures.

The land was blanketed with frost,
and narrow furrows, hard and straight,
lay forgotten as the world slept.

Layered clouds hid winter sun,
which tried to warm the frozen ground,
but Spring’s relief came soon enough.

Badgers cleared out last year’s debris,
dug fresh tunnels in rich red earth
and waited for life’s new cycle.

Nature’s Gold is now on Amazon

Poetry Book  1My poetry book, Nature’s Gold, is now available on Amazon for £5.00. Below are two poems from the book, to give you an idea of the variety. The first one is lighthearted and the second is remembering someone no longer with us. I hope you enjoy.

So Give Them a Hug

There’s a lot to be said for being a Gran,
all the joys and cuddles and such.
Watching them grow, without all the work
and loving them all very much.

Look at the toys they are given these days.
So many games to be played.
If I tidied up after them I’d have to say
I’d be well and truly dismayed.

It will tear at your heart strings I know that for sure
if they’re crying a lot or in pain,
so give them a hug and a huge chocolate bar
and hand them back to their parents again.

This is Not Good-bye

Today you weep for me
for the void you feel I’ve left;
for strong arms to hold you safe;
for simultaneous laughter
and the silence that now screams.

In the days yet to come
you’ll discover me again
in memories of familiar places;
in times of happiness and hurt;
in things we would enjoy.

And when our song sings its tune
I’ll be in your mind once more.
Our love will flow between us.
Remembered words will comfort you
and life will begin again.