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Rainbow Magic

The sun shone custard beams
in hazy cloud-free sky.
No sign of rain to blur the day,
yet rain came;
light drizzly, sizzly rain.
And when I glanced again
I counted colours in the sky.
Arc of light,
painted with magic.
And I watched its wonder.

This poem was published on All Things Girl last year. It’s an e-zine that promotes women’s writings and photography. Why not check it out.

Whiskers breath

Fox-red rabbit with snowdrop paws
peeping through the sodden grass.
Never-ending munching.
Unaware that black cat ears
are just a whisker away.

A car backfires, shotgun loud.
Hind legs jerk, and rabbit’s gone.
Black cat sits, back straight, searching;
reveals his sinister intent.
Whiskers tweak, he stalks away.

Not Walking but Running

You didn’t understand my plight
and I hear impatient sigh,
but use your eyes and see me
I’m not walking but running.

She used to be so agile,
singing and dancing the night,
but now she procrastinates,
annoys and irritates.

Can’t you see I’m trying
to fit into your busy lives,
forever aiming to catch up
not walking but running.

Inspired by Not Waving but Drowning by Stevie Smith


There once was a fish in the sea
who wanted a human for tea.
He pulled one right in
then took off his skin
and ate him with chips – tasty.