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If (Apologies to Kipling)

If you can smile through joy and pain;
Let children play in sun and rain.
If you can make parking fun,
Each day, on the same school run.

If you make gravy like his mother
And let him go drinking with his brother.
If you can make a tenner last a week;
Clean all day, but still look sleek.

Then my daughter, you’ve got it made.
You’ve put us all in the shade.

Nature’s Gold is now on Amazon

Poetry Book  1My poetry book, Nature’s Gold, is now available on Amazon for £5.00. Below are two poems from the book, to give you an idea of the variety. The first one is lighthearted and the second is remembering someone no longer with us. I hope you enjoy.

So Give Them a Hug

There’s a lot to be said for being a Gran,
all the joys and cuddles and such.
Watching them grow, without all the work
and loving them all very much.

Look at the toys they are given these days.
So many games to be played.
If I tidied up after them I’d have to say
I’d be well and truly dismayed.

It will tear at your heart strings I know that for sure
if they’re crying a lot or in pain,
so give them a hug and a huge chocolate bar
and hand them back to their parents again.

This is Not Good-bye

Today you weep for me
for the void you feel I’ve left;
for strong arms to hold you safe;
for simultaneous laughter
and the silence that now screams.

In the days yet to come
you’ll discover me again
in memories of familiar places;
in times of happiness and hurt;
in things we would enjoy.

And when our song sings its tune
I’ll be in your mind once more.
Our love will flow between us.
Remembered words will comfort you
and life will begin again.

Nature’s Gold

Poetry Book  1
My first book of poetry is available from Lulu. Check it out. There are lots of different types of poems about a variety of subjects. I decided to call it ‘Nature’s Gold’ because many poems are about birds, flowers and the beauty that’s a part of our everyday lives. There are also narrative poems, humorous poems and topical ones, but the main point of the book is for you to enjoy. Some of the poetry has been published on this site, but there are lots of new ones. The book should be available from Amazon in a few weeks. As ever I welcome comments and reviews.


Sometimes when I lie in bed, I wonder –
Who lived here two hundred years ago?
Were the rooms filled with choking smoke
or were they warmed by dancing flames?

Sometimes when I laze in the bath, I wonder –
Did they have a tin bath over there by the fire?
Or was there only cold water from the well?
And was this room quite bare with chilly air?

Sometimes when I sit at the table, I wonder –
Was their table laden just like mine?
Did they cook upon an open fire?
And did candle light make their plight more pleasing?

Sometimes when I cannot sleep, I wonder –
Do the people who lived here all those years ago
wander through my rooms and touch my life?
Did they ever spend a minute by the sink
pondering who would live in their house in years to come?

What would life be without…?

What would it be like
if you had no phone
to store your contacts
or hold music, you own?

How could you survive
without constant pings
to flash messages
and all that it brings?

When you’re pondering
or wait for the train
there’d be no e-book
to entertain your brain.

No interruptions
to disturb your thoughts.
No-one demanding
the answers they sought.

No instant forecasts
about wind or rain.
No dictionary
To ease spelling pain.

Would you miss all the photos
you’ve been driven to take?
Would you dare to try
a technology break?

Whiskers breath

Fox-red rabbit with snowdrop paws
peeping through the sodden grass.
Never-ending munching.
Unaware that black cat ears
are just a whisker away.

A car backfires, shotgun loud.
Hind legs jerk, and rabbit’s gone.
Black cat sits, back straight, searching;
reveals his sinister intent.
Whiskers tweak, he stalks away.

There’s No One Here At The Moment

Just me sitting on the cold floor,
breaking my heart for my shadow child.
A child wanted and lost.
Sleep comes to comfort me,
to disrupt the raw aching pain.

Temporary oblivion brings a brief peace.
In my dream we are together.
There is still a future and a bond
that will bind us for all time.

The telephone ring echoes,
piercing through this empty void,
crashing me back to wakefulness.

There’s no one here at the moment
just me, sitting in my shadow world,
hoping she can hear me calling.